Book Giveaway Winners

It took me a while but I finally read through all the answers. For those just joining us I previously asked the following two questions:

1. What would be the one thing you would like most about owning and living in a tiny house?
2. If there were no restrictions, where would you park a tiny house to live in?

As promised, I randomly selected someone for a free copy of the soft cover version of my book, the Tiny House Design & Construction Guide

I had a total of 512 posts and subscribers to my newsletter, which I put in a list (posts first) and drew a random number


So the winner is Christina, who wrote: “I’d definitely park it in the woods – Yosemite (CA)”

I’ve been to Yosemite and it is beautiful there. Living with all the tourists might get a little old, but since this is a dream, we’ll assume they’re not there :)

Next, after my initial post, I went back and revised the prizes to include two free eBooks since the turnout was so great. These two winners were chosen by me, which was really hard since there were so many great ideas. In the end I just picked two that stuck out to me.

The first is from Jennifer who wrote a little poem, which I enjoyed and thought was really creative :)

Oh to live in a house that is tiny
That would be a dream
Everything all neat and shiny
A breeze to keep things clean

A new spot every season
To park my tiny home
No wit, no rhyme, no reason
It fits where-e’er I roam

The second is from Laura

I will park my tiny home on a river in central Oregon; preferably the Willamette. Preferably near Eugene, but far enough out to be off-grid and raise animals and veggies. In a tree. With a zipline to the swimming hole. :D 

She had me at zipline to the swimming hole, which sounds really fun although I am certain I would walk away from that with some new pain in my body ;)

Congrats and thanks to everyone who commented. It was really cool to read all the positive changes people would make and benefit from if given the chance to live in a tiny house.

Free Book Anyone?

free tiny house book

It was only a couple weeks ago I was asking for someone to (facebook) like me. Now thanks to many of you out there (around 2000 ;) I’m not so lonely. So to celebrate I thought I would throw a little giveaway.

Leave me a comment below with a response to either (or both) of the following questions:

1. What would be the one thing you would like most about owning and living in a tiny house?

2. If there were no restrictions, where would you park a tiny house to live in?

I’ll randomly pick one winner next Friday at 10pm (est) and mail them a free book! I’m also going to pick two answers that I like the best and give them free ebooks.  If you sign up to my newsletter I’ll give you an extra entry in the drawing.

Good luck!

P.S. I also recently added my book to Amazon, so if you already own it I would really appreciate it if you left a quick review of it. Thanks!

Holiday Sale!

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Thanks and have a great holiday!

Announcement and Giveaway!


I’m really excited to announce a huge update to our Tiny House Design & Construction Guide (now available at We’ve put a tremendous amount of effort into this latest edition and I’m sure you’ll see it reflected in the quality of the material.

Tiny House Design & Construction Guide

In this edition we’ve really beefed up the content. Descriptions now go into much more detail and cover topics that previously weren’t covered. The book now also includes even more pictures and illustrations (including detailed wiring diagrams), a list of materials (with descriptions) that are typically required to build a tiny house, and more information concerning tiny house design. This additional content resulted in the book increasing from 64 pages to 143 pages!

The biggest and most requested change is that the book is now available in print! We will still offer the eBook (PDF) version but at a reduced price. The new pricing is:

Print Version – $34.95 (includes free shipping in the US)
EBook Version – $24.95

Everyone who has previously purchased the eBook has also been sent the updated eBook for free.

Finally, what better way to celebrate a big announcement that with a giveaway! So, everyone who purchases a copy of the Tiny House Design & Construction Guide (either eBook or print) in the next 30 days will be entered into a drawing to win a free copy of my plans (winner chooses which model)! I’ll announce who won right here on Dec 15th.

Tiny House Sale

I’ve reduced the price of my Tiny Living model home!

It won’t be long before I’m done with my latest house (Tinier Living) and we have yet another house in the planning stages so I am looking to make some room. So at the risk of sounding like a used car lot commercial [in a deep, excited voice] “Everything must go!!!”

The price has been reduced 10% ($3600!!) down to $32,400. For more details go to: