So Close

Tiny House Exterior Siding Completed

The roof is almost done with just the ridge cap remaining. I was hoping to get that done today since I won’t work on the house again until next week but it didn’t happen.


Once the ridge cap is done I can stop covering the house with a tarp which is pretty exciting. I will still have a few odds and ends to do on the exterior (storage doors, wood under the overhang, etc.), but that will be the last of the truly labor intensive work. I’m not saying the interior doesn’t take effort and time, it’s just in a whole different category than framing, siding, and roofing.

Exterior siding is going up

I was finally able to work on the house last week. I put in a full weeks work and will do the same this coming week, weather permitting. The siding is going up and I am starting to see what it’s going to look like. I hope to have all of the exterior siding done as well as the roof by the end of the week, but I’m thinking that might be just a bit much, especially since we have rain predicted. I have a tendency to set lofty goals which often leads to disappointment, but when I aim low it’s easy not to overshoot.

Exterior Siding Being Installed

Here is my homemade tool (wood platform on an extendable paint pole) for installing siding by myself. It’s not very sophisticated but works like a charm. When you’re by yourself you sometimes have to get creative :)

Custom Siding Installation Tool

As I have said before I’ve been recording this entire build so I’m going a lot slower than I would like. But I think I’ve got between 4 to 6 weeks left. Then I’ll put out an updated version of the plans and list the house for sale.

I’ll have an update at the end of the week with a lot more pictures and maybe even a video.

We have a door!

I got a few minutes over the weekend to sneak out and install the front door. It’s surprising how easy it is (primarily because doors are sold pre-hung with the frame already assembled). It just seems like it should be more difficult.

Tinier Living Door Installed

Like a lot of things in life, building a tiny house is just a really large collection of ‘not that challenging’ tasks. It’s just when you stand back and look at them all at the same time does it seem impossible. But if you spend a few hours here and a few hours there knocking off those tasks before you know it you’ve built a house!

Tinier Living Update

I’ve been meaning to post updated pictures for some time now, but every time I think, “well, let me wait until the next step and then it will look even better” [repeat]. But I’ve had enough people ask me for an update that I have finally given in :)

Tiny House Wrap

I’m taking tomorrow off to work on the metal roof. Since this also involves doing a little bit of the siding (you can’t put the drip edge up until the fascia board is installed) I’m not sure I will get it all done, but I’m hoping.

Tinier Living House Wrap

I also picked up my front door and all the windows today so those will be next. Then it’s just the siding and this thing will look like a house. I’ll definitely have another update then.

The Devil is in the Details – Deja vu

When I drive down to Deland last Monday the first thing I did was make a list of all of the remaining items that needed to be completed to declare this house ‘done’. I then laid them out into a schedule since my plan was to have everything wrapped up for the open house that I was hosting on the following Saturday. All the items fit in nicely on my little piece of paper that turned out to be my fantasy work schedule. On the end of the first day I was already reworking my list and dropping things off. The interior work is just so slow because of the detail that goes into all of the various trim pieces.

I worked feverously up until the first person showed up on Saturday. I brought a change of clothes specifically for the open house so that I could look a little more professional but instead I looked like a homeless man who had just run 3 miles. Despite my dishevelment I really enjoyed the day as I got to talk to a few people about a topic I really enjoy.

I completed most of the interior except for sealing and staining the walls and installing the cabinets.


Tiny House Exterior

Tiny House Exterior Rear Left

Tiny Living Front Door

Tiny Living Side

I’ll post a video once I get it edited which has some interior shots.

Among the visitors on Saturday was Alex from He brought his camera along so look for some cool video coming from him at his site.

The Exterior is Complete…

…except for installing a light fixture above the front door and painting the front door. Oh, and then there is that small matter of a front porch deck. But I’m still saying it’s done ;)

Tiny Living Exterior

My dad has been working on the house a few hours a day for a few days a week ever since I left. He figured there was no point in rushing it since he knew I would be gone for a couple of months. Speaking of which I should be announcing the dates soon for the open house. It will probably be October 15th but I’m not entirely certain. I’ll let you know soon.

Tiny House Exterior Front

All of the interior wood is also installed except for the ceiling of the dormers.

Also, I was recently contacted by Denise, who purchased my plans and is using them as reference material while she and her husband build their own tiny house. Very exciting to see their progress. They started a blog at so be sure to check that out.

Finally, on a side note, my wife recently delivered the latest tiny home builder into the world. Click here if you are into seeing other people’s kids :)

Tiny Living Progress Update

Cedar Siding


My brother recently came back out to my dad’s and tried to finish the roof but we ended up being short two pieces of the gable rake and some screws. I put an order in for the last of it so that will only take a few hours to wrap up once it arrives (and my brother makes it back out there).


The windows were delivered and have been installed. They still have some protective wrapping on them which can be seen in some of the pictures if you were wondering.

Front Door

The front door was just ordered so we are waiting on that. We won’t be able to finish any more siding on the back of the trailer (front of the house) until that gets installed.

Cedar Siding above front door

Interior Siding

About half of the interior siding has been installed. The Florida humidity is giving my dad a hard time right now as the wood that the siding is made from is very porous and thus easily grows and shrinks with the weather. Its tongue and groove so if it shrinks after it is installed it’s not that give of a deal (the tongue and groove prevent you from seeing any spaces between the boards when it shrinks), but if it grows after it is installed then it wants to pop off the walls (not good). So he is leaving some of the wood out in the open (in the house) to expand before he puts it up.

Pine Interior Siding

Exterior Siding

Both long sides of the house are practically done. He can’t begin on the short ends until the roof is done (in addition to the front door going in) since the scaffolding is attached to the house there. The siding is stained before it is installed so that you don’t see any unstained strips in the event that the wood contracts after being installed. I have only been able to see the house in pictures but my brother says he loves it and it feels really cozy.

I’m really looking forward to going back down there in a couple months.


I’ve just put the finishing touches on the plans and the wiring diagram for this house. I still need to complete the materials list and the build manual before I release them but I’m optimistically shooting for August 1st. Then I will start updating the first set of plans and materials list. I will also start selling the manual separately for people who want to see what goes into building a tiny house but haven’t quite decided on a set of plans.

Tiny House Visit

My family and I traveled down to Lakeland this past weekend to visit my mom to see how she’s been since moving in to her tiny house a little over a month ago. I also invited Alex from to come up and see it since he had expressed an interest when he interviewed me a while back (check out his post and video).

Tiny Retirement Exterior

I must say my mom has done an awesome job (with lots of help from various people – especially her neighbor Bob and husband Rick) finishing off her tiny house. If you recall, due to pressure from my neighborhood association I was forced to move the tiny house to Florida a little less finished than I had planned. The exterior was complete with the exception of paint and the interior siding was up but not much else. Since then she has painted the exterior, had cabinets custom built, installed hardwood floors, and turned it into her own personal gallery.

Tiny Retirement Interior

Tiny House Kitchen

Tiny House Kitchen & Bath

Tiny Retirement Kitchen

Tiny House Kitchen with Dormers

Dining area

Family Pictures

Trash and Storage

36 inch shower

Upon entering the house I realized I had forgotten how roomy it felt (it’s been at least a year since the last time I was in it). When I spoke to my mom about us all showing up for the day, I said we could do a tour of the house but then spend the rest of the time outside so that we weren’t all cramped inside.   After all, there would be 6 of us (this is before I knew that Alex was bringing his fiancée Andrea and her dog). Well the heat and the rain spoiled that plan and we all spent the day inside.  Yet not once did the house feel crowded (even with a two year old taking up half the couch napping). My wife Beth even commented on how this experience had changed her thoughts on entertaining in a tiny house.

Party in the Tiny House

We all had a great time and haven’t stopped talking about it since. I want to thank Alex, Andrea, and Louie for making the trip up the see us. I really enjoyed their company and had a great time with everyone.

Group photo in the tiny house

As we left, Beth turned to me and said: “Your mom seems so happy now, I think you gave her a new lease on life”. That was the goal :)

Small house hapiness

One issue that did come up is that my mom said that the water heater always cut out after about a minute of use. She said it was always just as she got her hair all lathered up that the water would become ice cold. After investigating and experimenting I realized that the issue was that the compartment that contains the water heater isn’t ventilated enough and the heater burns through the available oxygen pretty quickly which then extinguishes the flame. The burning of propane produces Carbon Dioxide which is heavier than air so ventilating the bottom of the compartment out of site should fix her problem.

Also on a side note, I have decided to build another tiny house. I am working on the plans now and expect to begin construction in the next couple months. On this build I plan to post as much as I did on the first but also include a lot more video. I’ll provide more details when I know them. Talk to you all soon.