About Tom Bastek

Tom Bastek has been on the tiny bandwagon for years. In his spare time he enjoys improv comedy acting, pinball, LEGO building, bowling, craft beer and the New York Jets. He resides in Atlanta with his wife and his hound Josie, who takes up most of the bed.

Tiny House Problems Tiny House Problems That are Really Just Myths

Going tiny is a big decision and certainly not an easy one. As this niche industry continues to build, so does its naysayers. Don’t give up on your big dream to live tiny! Most of what they say isn’t true anyway. Here are a few of the most common tiny house problems which are really myths.

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tiny-house-storage-ideas-title 5 Brilliant Tiny House Storage Ideas

Even in an everyday large home, storage can sometimes come at a premium. Things are ten times smaller and therefore ten times tougher to do in a tiny house. One of the great things to come out of the tiny house movement is the unique ways that people have come up to find more room in their tiny space. Here are some examples of brilliant tiny house storage ideas.

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5 Tiny House New Year’s Resolutions

Maybe you have been thinking about going tiny for a while now, or perhaps just this year you decided you need to make a change, for the tinier. Either way, there are steps you should take right now to help you achieve your goal. Here are five great Tiny House New Year’s Resolutions to get you started off on the right foot this year.

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holiday-clutter-Title Tips for Downsizing Your Holiday Clutter

Ok gang, There are only 12 Days left till Christmas! I know, you don’t want to even think about it. We’re a nation of consumers and sometimes that means we spend way too much on things that we don’t necessarily need or have the space for. There is no time worse for this than the holidays.  Even if you can keep from spending yourself, your family will want to keep giving you things that you only pull out once a year and feel awful about having in the first place. So how can you conquer the hum bug of over indulgence? Here are a few tips to help you avoid the holiday clutter.

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Five National Parks To Park Your Tiny House At This Winter

There are a lot of people who take full advantage of their tiny home being mobile and move it often, getting out there and seeing the country. National parks are always a popular destination for the RV crowd, and the Tiny House crowd is not much different. Although the summer months have a ton to offer the National Park visitor, you would be surprised at how much there is to do and how much beauty there is to see during the winter months as well. Although this list is not comprehensive by any means, here are five great national parks to park your tiny house in this winter.

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Watch Your Roof! Respecting Tiny House Height

One of the growing trends of the tiny house world is going as big as you can and still going tiny. We are asked a lot about the maximum lengths, widths and heights. Our normal builds are 13’5” high, just one inch below the legal limit set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The response is normally, “WOW! How do you drive with that in tow?” Here are some of the things to think about when it comes to respecting tiny house height.

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How Not to Die While Building Your Tiny House

or 5 Tiny House Construction Safety Precautions

When you are building a tiny house, there are many potentially dangerous situations that will come up during the construction process. Don’t get discouraged – with a few tiny house construction safety precautions and some properly paid attention, you will be a pro, build a beautiful home and actually live to tell about it. Here are five Tiny House Construction Safety Precautions that will help you know how not to die while building your tiny house.

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