About Erin Harmon

Erin Harmon Vazquez is a Tiny House enthusiast, Family Education Specialist, Steeped Tea consultant, Guitarist & vocalist in a local Americana band,CartWheel, and Social Media Maven for Tiny Home Builders. She resides in Connecticut with her husband and four year old son, where they are in the planning stages of building a Tiny House as transitional living to a mortgage-free foundation home.

Tiny House Families: Can you fit?

With the Tiny House movement on the rise, more and more people are considering going tiny. The two main demographics are childless couples and retirees. But what if you are a happy family of five? Can the tiny house be for you? Here are some questions to ask and resources to help find answers for all those soon to be tiny house families.

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Investing in a Tiny House Tiny Investments are a BIG Payoff

The idea of living simpler has inspired homeowners and home buyers of BIG houses to evaluate their quality of life and desires. As appealing as it is though, getting involved in the Tiny House movement may seem unattainable, or dare we say, “unrealistic”.

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tiny-house-trailer-title Choosing a Tiny House Trailer

Something exciting is about to happen! You are searching for the most important feature of your Tiny House to be. The cornerstone. The Foundation. The Trailer.

What should you be looking for in a trailer that is about to carry your home? I recently purchased a tiny house trailer and this is a summary of all the items I considered.

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Tiny House Insurance Tiny House Insurance

Your Tiny House may be the most valuable asset you own in your life. Protection for it may very well be second most important. After all, weather damage, fires, and theft are all real world situations and although tiny houses on wheels can run, they can’t always hide.

rp_Kim-Langston-Tiny-House-Fire-After.jpg Take it from Dee WIlliams‘s friend, Kim Langston…

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