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The Inside Story Erika Guli The Inside Story: Erika Guli

Over the years Tiny Home Builders have worked with countless people in the tiny home community, from advocates and enthusiast to building companies, and diy’ers, maybe even a few naysayers. They all have a unique story to share and this is one of them. (Please look for more stories in this blog series: “The Inside Story”)

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Choosing the Right Tiny House Air Conditioner

When it comes to living in a tiny home, there’s a lot to take into consideration. It’s not always easy to create a comfortable environment when you have such a limited amount of space to work with. One important factor when it comes to your comfort is the temperature. As we summer quickly approaches we are wondering, “what are our cooling options?” Here are some examples of systems to consider for your next tiny house air conditioner.

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three way switch Understanding the 3-Way Switch

Many people can do the basic electrical wiring of a new fixture. For the most part it is black to black, white to white, green to green. But when you get into more advanced techniques like wiring the same light to be controlled from two different switches, some people get scared. Fret no further, as Dan Louche is here to teach you the understanding of the 3-way switch.

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tiny-house-travel-title The Pros and Cons of Tiny House Travel

Even though the average tiny house owner moves their home only once every few years, there are still some people that go tiny so that they can travel. So why a tiny house and why not an RV? Why not buzz around in your SUV and pull a Tear Drop? Here are the pros and cons of Tiny House Travel.

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Latest Tiny House Latest Tiny House

A few years ago the team created and built a new tiny house we called The Element and added it to the fleet. Since then this shed style design has become more popular and we have evolved it to include several more lengths, one with a master on main option and even one built on a gooseneck trailer. It’s fun to look back on what was such an innovative style and see how far we have come with it. After reading this blast from the past follow up and see how this home looks now: The Element.

We just completed our latest tiny house for a young couple in Gainesville FL. This house was by far our most complicated build with many custom built-in’s and some unique options.


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Tiny House Kitchen Design

Believe it or not there are a few different kitchen layouts to choose from when designing your tiny house. A kitchen can be a very personal thing and no matter the size it generally becomes the heart of the home. Even people turning to a minimalist lifestyle and living in a tiny house must also eat. Just like in a traditional house, the kitchen often takes on the personality of the those using it. I have seen 100’s of kitchen designs and wanted to share just a few with you to show the wide range available to incorporate into your future tiny home.

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34' x 10' tiny house Custom Luxury

A separate dinning room? This is certainly innovative! At 34′ x 10′ this home can include some extras that a typical tiny house can’t. The bathroom has a separate shower and soaker tub for one. It includes a master on main and a small loft above the dinning area. If you would like to see more of this house you can check it out here on the Market Place.