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With one of the coldest winters we have had in a while in full swing, there is no better time to dream about hanging outside on our deck. One of the biggest ways to expand your space in a tiny house is to live outside of it as much as possible. Tiny house decks are definitely a great way to help you bring your living space outdoors and make your home feel even larger. Here are some great tiny house decks to help inspire your designs.

Tiny Home Swoon shares this beautiful tiny home, studio and deck built between:

Tiny House Decks - Tiny House SwoonThis redwood tiny house deck from The Tiny Project is attached and can be folded up during transport:

Tiny House Decks - The Tiny Project

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses shares a pic of one of their clients who installed a deck on top of an old trailer frame that was laying around the area. Genius!

Tiny House Decks - Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses


Tiny House Decks as Bars

TreeHugger shares a metal framed house with a fold down patio bar:

Tiny House Decks - Tree Hugger

Small House Decor shows us a fold out kitchen window to a bar to sit on for meals:

Tiny House Deck - Small House Decor


Tiny House Decks for Permanent Tiny Houses

Keva Tiny House, although it is on a foundation, sure brings the light and the fun with their covered porch concept:

Tiny Home Deck - Keva Tiny House

A Tiny House for Us brings us not just a front porch but a rooftop deck as well:

Tiny House Decks - A tiny House for Us

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to tiny house decks. You can use them as living rooms, dining rooms or even kitchens. Hopefully you have found a little inspiration for your tiny house deck. What kind of porch do you want on your tiny home? Let me know in the comments below.

Deck Tools

If you are planning on building your own deck, check out Dan’s review of the Camo Marksman deck system.

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Tom Bastek is the Director of Marketing for Tiny Home Builders and has been on the tiny bandwagon for years. In his spare time he enjoys improv comedy acting, pinball, LEGO building, bowling, craft beer and the New York Jets. He resides in Atlanta with his wife and his hound Josie, who takes up most of the bed. He can be reached at tom@tinyhomebuilders.com or on twitter @tinyhousetom.

5 thoughts on “Tiny House Decks

  1. norma aldrovandi said:

    I have tiny house love it and this additions are rely good to inspire me to fallow …….


    Love the rooftop deck shown. How do I do this? Please provide any links, plans or contacts. This is my intention in my build. So any advice or direction would be most appreciated. Cheers Richard

    • Richard, I do not have any stock resources for you. Just get out there and google!

  3. Jeff said:

    Tiny home living is a great idea.
    I don’t understand why tiny houses, generally, are shown without a cover on the wheels or along the length of the house. It would appear much better… J

  4. Neville said:

    I plan to start building my own small house latter on this year and the posts you have been sending have provided many brilliant ideas as to what I can do. They are very appreciated and extremely helpful


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