New Hands-On Tiny House Workshop Date Announced!

If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for our SOLD OUT Cumming, GA Workshop, don’t fret. Our next tiny house workshop is a mere two months away! Join us October 15-16 in DeLand, FL for two days of hands-on, educational tiny home building with the one and only Dan Louche.

At our tiny house workshops, we focus on giving you the knowledge and confidence needed to build your own tiny house. And because these workshops are hands-on, you leave not just more informed, but also with actual experience. There is no better way to learn than by doing.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with carpentry. Our workshops are perfect for beginners. No previous experience is required. Breakfast, hot lunch and afternoon snack is included. Exclusive discounts on our book, plans, eWorkshop and trailers are also offered to workshop attendees.

Some of what you will learn in this Tiny House Workshop:

Tools & Materials

Find out what tools are absolutely needed and which ones are just nice to have. Also learn how to save thousands on your tiny house using the same tricks as the professionals.

Framing Fundamentals

Tiny House Workshop - FramingLearn the basics of framing so that you can build a house that is structurally sound and safe to drive down the road. You’ll learn firsthand while you construct and stand up walls.

Sheathing and Roofing

Learn how to properly add layers to your house to add strength and to protect it from the elements. Water is the number one destroyer of homes, we’ll teach you how to protect your house.


Learn all the parts of the electrical system of your tiny house. This is the area that most people are more concerned about, but we break it down and show you that it’s really not that complicated.


Tiny House Workshop - PlumbingLearn about the different types of plumbing products out there and which ones work best for tiny houses. You’ll then work with those materials to put together plumbing components.

Rules and Regulations

Find out the best options on where to park your tiny house.

The best part is that you are going to have one-on-one time with Dan Louche, bestselling author, speaker, and owner of Tiny Home Builders. Bring your questions and concerns and have Dan answer them in person. So sign up today as space is limited and we sold the last workshop out in less than a month! Click here for all of the details.

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About Tom Bastek

Tom Bastek is the Director of Marketing for Tiny Home Builders and has been on the tiny bandwagon for years. In his spare time he enjoys improv comedy acting, pinball, LEGO building, bowling, craft beer and the New York Jets. He resides in Atlanta with his wife and his hound Josie, who takes up most of the bed. He can be reached at or on twitter @tinyhousetom.

4 thoughts on “New Hands-On Tiny House Workshop Date Announced!

  1. Karl Steele said:

    Please include me for this event!!!! I will see you there. Karl Steele

  2. Karl Steele said:

    See you there!!!!

  3. Hello Dan Scott and I live in Jacksonville. We would love to bring our Tiny House down to Deland to show you on October 16th when you have your seminar. It’s because of the seminar we took from you and all the help
    you gave us that allowed us to design and build ours. We’re rushing to complete it now to take to Michigan to use at a Renaissance Festival in September. Let us know if this would be okay. We would to show you what we’ve created. Thanks Sheila and Scott McGovern

    • Dan Louche said:

      Hey Sheila and Scott, I would love to have you guys down. I would also love to see your progress first hand! I hope we can set that up.

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