Tiny Studio House Completed

I’m back from Florida where we hosted an open house featuring our latest house design called Tiny Studio. I took lots of pictures so check them out. The plans for this house are available on our plans page!




View from the bathroom looking toward the raised kitchen.


Couch slides out to convert into a full bed.


Stairs lift up to reveal storage.


The entire staircase also unlocks and slides out to reveal a huge storage compartment.


View of the kitchen


Looking down from the kitchen into the living area


A better view of the eating bar


The living area, front door, and closet.


Closet with exposed shelving on the side


Large closet


Bathroom with storage above toilet. The compartment has a mirror on both sides so that you can still see what you are doing when it’s open.

This house is for sale and is listed at $37,000.

Also, do you want to hang out with me, Jay Shafer, Deek Diedrickson, Lloyd Kahn, and a ton of other like minded people? Then you definitely need to check out the Tiny House Fair coming in October in Texas. It’s going to be a blast and I hope to see you there!

19 thoughts on “Tiny Studio House Completed

  1. Love it. This is very close to what I have been envisioning for my Tiny Home. No sleeping loft, possibly a small storage loft. The kitchen on an elevated platform with storage steps to it, and a pull-out bed underneath. I love this concept. I may go with a shed roof to allow a lower overall height, since I’m not concerned with a sleeping loft. Detachable deck outside the door, with a fold down roof to cover it.

    This is starting to get close to my future retirement house.

  2. Just wanted to add, I really like the idea of the open eating bar that you designed, it uses no actual floor space within the house, yet appears to be very functional. Kudos.

  3. The one thing missing is a stove to cook on! Otherwise it’s darling. I love the fact that there is no ladder to climb to get into bed!!

  4. I see it’s a double bed any chance you can put a queen or king their? I love my husband of 43 yrs but we need our space to sleep LOL 1yr and 5mo to retire…countdown =)

  5. One idea I’d like to add as a possible improvement; how about making the bed fit completely under the kitchen floor area and then add a fold down table mounted underneath the breakfast bar (facing away from the kitchen area) and you could accommodate a standing desk as well.

  6. Very nice. When you say “full bed”, do you mean full size bed (54″ wide)? The width looks like a twin size bed but maybe the wide angle lens is making it seem thinner than it is?

  7. Diane,

    A simple two-burner counter-top alcohol or propane stove would be fine for me. Store it away if you like when not in use.

    An alternative would be to incorporate a cook top into the top drawer on the right. Plenty of room in this basic arrangement to find a solution.

  8. This is such an inspiring design for a single level! We’ve been sketching and sketching stairs to a loft (we still want to be able to cuddle with the pup!) and this seems like the perfect solution all while sacrificing zero space! And as an added bonus our memory foam mattress would be much more comfortable than any sofa I could build. So great!

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  10. I love this house, it is perfect, though I would like propane everything and water catchment, so I will have to build mine, but it is perfect

  11. Great studio design! I really like the bathroom/shower on one end and the kitchen counter the full width of the other end. I have purchased your 20ft. trailer and starting my own tiny studio. Though I have plans, I’m still considering interior changes and I like that part of your concept. Feel free to check out as I go here: http://www.atinystudio.com/ Thanks!

  12. I was wondering if I could have a 24 ft. trailer and use the Tiny Studio plan, but add 2.5 feet for an area for a washer/dryer combo and on the other side a closet with drawers below. The closet out in the living room could be 3 large wicker baskets on shelves. My dream home!

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