Loft-Less Tiny House Design

I spent the last week down in Florida working on our latest house design. This house, like our Tiny Retirement design, doesn’t have a loft for those that aren’t interested in climbing a ladder to get in and out of bed. Instead, the bed is on rollers that allow it to be converted into a seating area (like a couch) or pushed even further away when you just need the space.

 2014-07-11 12.51.06

When the bed is pushed all the way in it really opens up the living area. I even thought this design would lend itself to being an office as there is room for a rather large desk and the area under the kitchen could be used for file storage.

2014-07-11 12.51.25

This house was started a little while ago (it was at our last open house), but as with so many things it took a back seat to more important jobs. Well we are finally wrapping it up and while it wasn’t completely done by the time I had to leave, it probably only has a few more days work remaining. Once the finishing touches are complete I’ll travel back down to take some final pictures.

21 thoughts on “Loft-Less Tiny House Design

  1. Really like this little house. How do you get up to the Kitchen area, looks like a big step up?
    Very impressed…would like to see your final pictures.

  2. Dan, good ideas there. What can you tell us about the shelter you have over the tiny house? I’ve been trying to come up with an alternative to a several-thousand dollar metal carport to build a tiny house under. Hopefully something that would last 6 months to a year in non-extreme weather.

  3. I love this design! Is this a 12 or 24 ft trailer? Btw- I thought those noises from the rooster was my stomach growling! :D

    • Hi Susan,

      This new design is expected to be $37,500 fully finished. While the raw materials still haven’t all been calculated yet Dan estimates under $20K.

  4. Good job Dan and Jenny!!!
    Will this home be on display at the workshop in Sept.?
    I am curious what kind of design you come up with for the stairs. I’ll be watching!!! Does the bed stick out from under the kitchen floor?

    • Hi Bear,

      Unfortunately this house won’t be at the workshop in September. However we will have others there!

      The bed sticks out to act as a couch. If you want more room it does slide in farther but not all the way (hangs out a foot).

  5. I love the innovation of the sliding bed! I have been concerned about having to climb up and down out of a loft when nature calls at night! Even with stairs in lieu of a ladder, it may be a bit precarious getting up and down. You may have already incorporated some of these things for the slide out bed, but I was thinking it would be great to have a shelf or ledge next to the bed when it’s pulled out, so you can have a glass of water next to you. Also, some type of light for reading in bed. What keeps the bed from sliding all the way under the floor when it is being used as a couch?
    What are the dimensions of the raised kitchen area? Just wondering if the bed could slide out sideways to allow a smaller kitchen area and more room for other seating or storage in the living area. Keep up the fabulous designs! I just found your company and website thanks to a fellow member of the Facebook group Tiny House People. I am hoping to make it to your September workshop in GA!

    • Hi Marianne,

      Thanks for the shelf idea, I think that could be an easy addition if desired. Although the floor of the kitchen may work for some I could see a small ledge being useful. My one issue would be at what height would it be to be useful/easily accessible but not at the height to interfere with moving around, catching clothing or getting bumped.

      If the bed is pushed all the way in it still sits out about a foot. Unfortunately I don’t have all the dimensions on hand, but since this design isn’t totally finished I’d wait to see how Dan finishes it.

      Hope to see you at the workshop!

  6. Hi Dan,
    This is Connie from California. Remember our conversation on the phone?. You took my ideas and made it work. I’m impressed!!! There are a couple of things I’d do different as mentioned when we talked but I really like it and can not wait to have my own.

  7. Love this design! I know I love it if I bother to seek a way to make it ‘mine’ by changing something. ; )

    I love his mom’s idea of the small shelves by the door and his of shelves at side of coat closet.

    I think I would just use the step for a shelf beside sofa/bed, maybe even cut into side of step so it was not actually on the surface.

    Is there enough floor space to make 4 1/2 ish inch deep pantry shelves above bed in kitchen as/or instead of a rail? On kitchen side could be open for access, on living room side could have a picture or tapestry, etc.

    Have you considered the toilet that has the tiny sink built in above it? I believe the fresh water was plumbed to go into the sink first and then that passed through to flush toilet.

    • That is a great idea! I was thinking about trying to shave in the shower. You hit it on the head. Dan, can you do something like that?

  8. I just found the completed version of this and saw that there is actually room for stools and a counter on kitchen level. Cool.

  9. Lovely tiny home. I have been saving for almost 3 years now and maybe 18 more months to go before I can ‘seriously’ consider this option. But until now, I had never seen a tiny home for those with mild disabilities. With a curved spine and arthritis in both knees, those loft tiny homes just wouldn’t work. This is perfect! I can see a few adjustments. A few bars for stability, some ant slip for the steps, and a backing for the bar area for accidental spills (onto the bed/couch). But it is just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for this layout.

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