Couple Builds a Tiny House

3-28-2014 12-27-02 PM

I was randomly looking through some of the latest tiny house news and I came across this article about a young couple that is building their own tiny house. I got so excited because Lily and Matt (whom the article is about) attended my last workshop and purchased a trailer from me. I hadn’t heard from Lily since then and so I didn’t know how she was coming along but looking at the pictures in the article she is making some amazing progress. Before the workshop I don’t think Lily had ever used a power tool, and now she’s built herself a house. She’s amazing!

Attend our upcoming workshop and see what you can do! :)

Photo by Beth Beasley/ Times-News

One thought on “Couple Builds a Tiny House

  1. Hi Dan,

    Imagine my surprise when I popped onto your blog and saw my picture! Yes, the tiny house is coming along. Since this article, we’ve installed the sliding patio door, the metal roofing, flooring, interior walls, and we’ve starting plumbing and electrical. There’s still a good bit of work left, but I’m heading to Gainesville, FL to start work this week.


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