Mariah’s ‘Smart-Size Your Life’ E-Course


Before I got into tiny houses I had always wanted to remodel an old Airstream trailer (if I ever come across a used one at a good price I may revive that dream, so I specifically don’t look for one :). So I was immediately interested when I was contact by Mariah from The Comet Camper last year for an interview. She and her boyfriend Matt have been remodeling an old Avalon vintage trailer and using sustainable materials in the process. I think during the interview I might have asked her as many questions as she asked me :) Anyway, it’s a really cool project and they are both awesome people.

Well Mariah recently redesigned her website and is now offering an e-course focused on simplifying your life. I thought this was a really cool idea since so many people get interested in tiny houses primarily with the goal of downsizing and finding more time. I tell people all the time that you can start that process well before taking the big step of living tiny, and still reap many of the benefits. Also, while many people may want to simplify, without guidance and a little nudge a lot of those people won’t.

So take a minute to check out Mariah’s site, I know you won’t be disappointed :)

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  1. requires a lot of site work to make it user friendly. I am not able to contact her on the website due to faulty site. Maybe you could make contact as the information and site could be beneficial to her and her viewers :-)

    Warmest regards

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