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We introduced a line of tiny house trailers a few months ago, but since the trailers are manufactured down in Florida and I live near Atlanta I hadn’t had a chance to take any pictures or them (and my Dad, who lives in Florida, is no Ansel Adams ;). But I finally went back down there to work on a house for the Jacksonville and Atlanta Home Shows and brought a trailer back with me to deliver to one of my workshop attendees (that makes 6 now that are building house, woo hoo). So I took the opportunity to take some pictures and record a video showing off the features of the trailers. You can get more information at








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  1. I was wondering what the deck height on this trailer is. I would love to buy one but a $1.50 a mile to Wyoming is a bit steep.

    • The deck is 24″, but we can drop it 4″ using drop axles. We are arranging to add a Oregon manufacturer which I expect that will be a little cheaper for you. Keep an eye out for an official announcement.


  2. Dan, I love the trailer and am very close to beginning my project. Lately I have been investigating a gooseneck/5th wheel trailer as I have been told they are more stable on the road and it appears that you can build about 4 feet on the gooseneck. Could your supplier do your trailer with a 5th wheel gooseneck? Jay

    • We haven’t built a gooseneck trailer yet. While you can put more on a gooseneck trailer they aren’t very attractive, so we don’t have any plans to build them right now. Sorry

  3. any news on the Oregon trailer facility opening date? I’m in Washington state and would love to purchase a trailer in Oregon.
    any info would be appreciated.

    • The Oregon manufacturer ended up not working out. They originally were interested in making our custom design, but then decided they wanted to stay focused on standard trailers. I think I’ve found a company in Colorado now and should know more in the next few days. While not as close, they are closer :( Sorry I don’t have better news.

    • HI Christina,

      The pros of a deck over is that your working on a flat surface, which is nice (this can also be achieved by making your subfloor thicker).

      The cons are that they are higher, so there are more steps to get into your house and you have less room for a loft (not a big deal for a loftless house)


  4. Hey i was wondering if u can make a custom 28 foot trailer. The tiny house im trying to build calls for 28 foot trailer. Thanks

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