Tiny House Workshop #1


We wrapped our first workshop on Sunday, and I must say it was awesome. It’s amazing being in a room of likeminded people all interested in making changes in their life.



I brought my Tinier Living house to the workshop and it was by far the most popular thing there (although the cookies each day at 3 and the free beer at 5 were pretty popular too :)


Here is Solomon trying out the second sleeping loft (formally known as a storage loft ;)


A little breakfast to kick the day off.


We had lots of hands on activities which for many was the first time they had ever used power tools. The nail gun was a favorite.

Here’s a video with some of the responses we got from the workshop


I’ll be putting together the schedule for our future workshops soon, so stay tuned if you missed this one/

8 thoughts on “Tiny House Workshop #1

  1. Hey Dan! I was SO bummed that I couldn’t attend. (I just don’t have the funds right now.) I’m the volunteer Organizer for a wonderful new volunteer group in Asheville (FB: Ashville Sustainable & Tiny House Building Co-op) that’s interested in not just learning to build tiny/small homes, but in actually DOING it. I’m working hard to line up speakers, tours and projects. I would LOVE to talk to you about how we may be able to help each other out in spreading the Tiny Home message!

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  4. Thank you, Dan for a great Workshop in Atlanta! Just got my trailer down my driveway (only took an hour – Whew!) If I can get it down my skinny street and drive, I can get my house anywhere! So looking forward to getting started. Thank you for giving me the confidence to get going!

  5. I am thinking about attending the Asheville Workshop in October. I have a question or two. What time would the workshop start on Saturday and Sunday? This will help me pick which hotel or campground I stay at. Should I bring anything with me? (notepad-pen/gloves/etc)

    • The hours are from 9-5, but we normally hang out and have a few drinks and chat afterwards on each day. And there’s no need to bring anything as I should have it all :)

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