Almost ready to move in

My mom’s neighbor has been generously hard at work and her tiny house is all but complete. The only few tasks remaining before she can move in is the house needs to be leveled and the electrical, water and sewer needs to the hooked up. For these last items she is going to be relying on my brother to drive out and give her a hand (bob would prefer not to mess with the plumbing and electrical).

Here are some images of the finished (not decorated) interior of the house:

Fold Out Couch

Kitchen & Bath

Tiny House Kitchen

Kitchen Sink with Artwork

My mom is taking these with a point-and-shoot so the angle is a little tight and the color is a little off. I’ll post some better images when I get back from visiting her at the end of December. I’m also planning on meeting Alex Pino from who interviewed me a few months ago while I’m down there. It should be fun!

Also, I am running a 40% off discount on my tiny house plans for the remainder of December. Just use discount code ‘40OFF’. Have a great holiday!

3 thoughts on “Almost ready to move in

  1. You have done a great job. I hope your Mom is very happy with her new home.

    I was wondering if you could post pics of upstairs and an explanation or sketch of what your original interior layout thoughts were.

    Im working on a design of my own and am yet to see a TH with standing room in the loft… I think I might just have it or nearly, but I still have a lot of thinking/planning to go.

    • I’ve only seen one tiny house with a true upstairs. Given the 13′-5″ height restriction is’t pretty difficult.

      Good luck on your design!

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