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My mom came up for a visit and revealed her interior layout to me. It’s not what I had imagined but in some ways it is better. She is having a lot of custom cabinets made which I’m afraid may close in the space a little (it is so open now and with the dormer it seems huge inside), but the fact is she needs the storage space. While the house was up here I gave many tours and would explain my vision for the layout. However, in my explanations I forgot one substantial thing: clothes. Both clean and dirty. Since my mom is actually going to live in the house she has spent a lot of time thinking about which of her belongings would be making the move with her, and where each would be stored. She did not forget about her clothes :)

Below is an approximation of what she has planned. The big difference between her vision and mine is that where she has a large wardrobe, I had a wall mounted TV and a table and chairs. For a dining area, she instead opted to add a countertop to the top of the narrow cabinet above the wheel well on the left and will use barstools for seating. Because of the barstools, she also opted for a convertible futon instead of a bed. The cabinet behind the front door will store two medium sized containers; one for trash and the other for laundry. I like the idea of the laundry basket but for trash I think I would still opt for a small trash can that I would empty frequently. No point in storing trash when space is at a premium.

Tiny House Floor Plan

Below is the countertop that will serve as both the dining and painting/crafts area. I suggested that the countertop be able to be lifted up to ease access to the storage below, but she believes that the countertop is high enough to not be an issue (the neighbor may want to reconsider this option after a few early morning calls to get her a can or jar).

Tiny House Custom Cabinets

Below is the cabinet that will contain the trash and laundry baskets. She is reserving the space above it for some art. Shelving can be substituted later if more  space is required.

Tiny House Custom Cabinets

For those wondering, the door was only primed on the outside and they made the mistake of painting it. So it needed to be sanded. Then again, maybe that’s a new style my mom is trying to pull off :)

15 thoughts on “Interior Layout

  1. So glad to see the progress! If she’s going to be be parked for a bit, a deck maybe with shade could be a good spot for a covered trash and such as well as a chair or two. Bending and stooping is next to impossible for me so I’ll be putting as much storage waist and above, even if it’s shallow every where I can that doesn’t obscure those great windows.

    Men can get by on a pair of jeans, a couple of T’s and socks. We moms can’t. I’m thinking that what would be a sleeping loft in some would be good reach in storage for those of us less nimble.

    Great job, thanks for doing this for your mom and sharing it with us.

    Hope to be able to buy the plan in the spring. Bet you’ll sell quite a few.

    • Hi Beth,

      She has a deck in the plans but wanted to focus on the inside first. I nice covered area would be really nice and greatly expand your living area (assuming you live in a climate that you could take advantage of it). I’m with you on the shallow storage too.

      Thanks for reading my ramblings!


      • Hi Dan,

        I’ve been busy planning what I’d like in my house. I have lots of time and definitely think it’s a fun part.

        The windows that make the house so appealing on the outside give much light and feeling of space on the inside. What layout did you envision? The sleeping end, well I think a bookshelf or some type of cubby well planned would not make it seem smaller, but add valuable storage. If I ever figure out sketchup or such will have fun with that I think.

        What’s in the space above the bathroom? I suspect my cats will find a way up and make it their own.

        Just off the top of your head, as
        much as I like this it’s hard for me to imagine living in that small a space for years and years. Think maybe 2 in L configuration or just one that’s bigger would be hard to plan? I don’t think I’d move it more than once or twice so thinking even 10 or 12 feet wide could make a big difference in livability. I like your plan better than any others I’ve seen.

        Thanks, hope you’re enjoying a terrific Saturday!


        • Hi Beth

          I think you would enjoy sketchup too. You can even download furniture to put it in the house and see what you like. It’s fun but it does take a little bit of time to learn.

          I think my mom is planning on using the space above the bathroom as storage and maybe a place to put her TV. I put a cable jack up there just in case.

          I don’t know about linking two tiny houses but I have thought about putting several (or even just two) in a configuration that creates a courtyard in the middle, perhaps a raised deck since the trailers are not at ground level. So you could start out with one, and then if you need more space you can add another and make it the living room and the first one can be a dedicated bedroom. The nice thing about that is you only create as much space as you need and you can start small. And it’s nice to think that if you moved into a TH and it’s just too small, you do have options! :)

          I hope you had a great weekend!! :)


  2. You are such a sweet son to have made this for your Mom, you know she appreciates all that you have done for her. The new door style is “smashing” and I am sure as an artist she can make that cows ear into a silk purse! Don’t be too hasty to judge…I am sure the whole tiny house will be a showcase when she is finished. I expect we will both be surprised with the end result.

  3. The structure of what you have done is great. How tall are the ceilings? The possible finishes are endless.
    I could see this going Dwell Modern Style or Ikea. Inspiring, Thanks for sharing this project.

    • Hi Kate,

      At the peak the ceiling is a little over 10 feet high. I really like the idea of a sleeping loft found in other houses but not having one makes the space feel really big.

      Thanks for reading!


  4. What a great little house! I have been looking at all the “tiny houses” I can for the past 2 years or so – ever since I was laid off and have not been able to achieve a permanent job since! Pretty scary; my son is handy, I will show him this (I am living with him at the present)… Maybe this will inspire him!!! I will look forward to the follow up comments!!

    • Deborah,

      Thanks for your comments and sorry to hear about your work situation! The idea of being able to build a home for around $10-12K can be pretty inspiring. I wish you the best of luck.


  5. Dan,

    Inspiring and exciting! Love your TH. I want a porch, but don’t want to take away precious indoor sq.ft. Have you or others considered designing a porch that folds in against the TH when traveling then pulls out over the hitch when parked?



    • There is definitely plans to add a large porch. I know what you are talking about with other designs that have the porch on the trailer bed. It looks nice but I want as much interior space as possible. I haven’t considered a fold out porch mainly because this house is not really ever going to be moved. But it is a good idea for someone who plans to relocate often. it would be a little more difficult with a plan like mine with the door on the side, but I think it would be quite easy if the door were on the back. Good idea :)



  6. Dan this house is amazing, I would like to have one :)

    I have a small apartment building , with a big space for the house…

    I will try to contact the city, to know, If is a problem OR LEGAL ISSUE .

    But I am from Quebec, Canada (Very cold in year during winter)

    Will this be a problem for water in, and water out hose?

    • Hey Jim,

      I don’t think the climate in Quebec would be an issue. You couldn’t use a hose across the lawn like my mom is using :) You would just need to bury a pipe below the frost line (different depending on location) and then insulate the small section where it enters the house.


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