Tiny House plans now available!

Tiny Retirement House Plans

I’ve finally finished compiling all the information from my tiny house project. It has been quite a few months in the works but it is finally done, and I am very proud of it.

During the course of building my tiny house I took many pictures and wrote many notes (in addition to what I posted on the blog). The idea at the time was that someday I would put it all together into a package so that anyone looking to recreate my tiny house for themselves, would have all the benefits of my experiences. That someday has come!

This package includes:

  • A 76 page book consisting of over 120 color pictures and 7100 words detailing all of the steps that I took to build my tiny house. Very little of this information is specific to my tiny house, and would be pertinent to anyone building a tiny house.
  • A 66 page printable set of plans organized in the order in which the work should be completed.
  • An electrical diagram showing how the outlets and switches are divided between circuits.
  • A materials list detailing all of the items that would need to be purchased to build my tiny house. Having this information alone can save you over a thousand dollars, which I explain how in the book.
  • The SketchUp model that you can navigate in 3D to take any measurement and see how every board fits together.
  • Free updates

I’m selling this package for $250 with the hope that I will raise enough money to design and build my next tiny house.

Thanks to everyone for their patience while I put this together. I believe that it will be extremely helpful to anyone taking on building a tiny house.


Update: See my tiny house plans page for more information at tinyhomebuilders.com/tiny-houses

13 thoughts on “Tiny House plans now available!

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    • Hi Cynthia,

      The project isn’t quite finished. My mom is having all of the cabinets custom made by a neighbor. When I gave it to her it was a 8’x20′ shell (with all the interior trim installed) with a 3′ bathroom on one end, so the layout can be anything that you want. I plan on posting pictures of her current progress soon.


  2. 2 Beth’s? lol

    I have been lusting after this since the first time I saw it. I will buy it but will take me bit to come up with that much. Reasonable price though.
    Great job!

  3. Nice looking house, Dan. Any interior shots yet?

    Now, about siting this little house–have you done any research into zoning for 8×20 houses? A 3′ bathroom is plenty big for me, but how about for “the man”?


    • Hey Amy,

      My mom just sent me a few interior shots and I plan on doing a post soon.

      As far as zoning goes, I know that Michael (tinyhousedesign.com) and Kent (tinyhouseblog.com) have both written posts about zoning so I would look there. From my understanding it would be very difficult to get zoning for such a small house which is were the trailer comes in. By putting the house on a trailer you get to skip all that.

      I was a little skeptical about a 3′ bathroom but was very pleasantly surprised once it was completed. It is not cramped at all (granted it doesn’t have a sink). Home Depot offers a 32″ shower which when I stood in I thought was too small, but the 36″ is quite roomy (you can go and stand in one at home depot to test it out). There is also plenty of distance between the shower and the toilet. My mom said she is planning on putting in a clear shower curtain which will make it appear even more open. Above the toilet is a mirrored cabinet and I installed an outlet in there for a hair drier.


  4. I love it! I have been dreaming of a small house for some time now! Revisiting the dream since my landlords are selling the house I rent and I am leaving next year for grad school, I just can’t force myself to get a plastic travel trailer and was researching plumbing and ran across your site…I can’t wait to see the interior pics! Does the book have a bit about plumbing?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      The thing that first turned me on to tiny houses was a story on PBS of a young lady that was going to grad school for two years and decided that she would rather build herself a tiny house to live in than pay the same amount in rent. That could be you! :)

      I don’t go in to to any detail concerning plumbing techniques since there are already really good books out there for that and what I would write wouldn’t do it justice. I like the series of books be Black & Decker because I find them easy to read and they contain a lot of pictures :)




  5. I LOVE your mom’s tiny house! I’ve been researching these since 2008 when I first heard about the tiny house movement, and this is, by FAR, my favorite! I’d been looking forever for a design with dormer windows, and I love the cool colors rather than all of the warm colors I so readily see in most tiny homes.

  6. how mobile will this house be? could you travel alot with it? say from camp ground to camp ground or would that be alot of wear and tear?

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