The numbers are coming in

Construction on my tiny house isn’t completed yet but most of the materials for the remaining work have already been purchased. Still needing to be purchased is a little electrical, the kitchen setup, a sliding door, and the flooring. These should run about $1000 depending on what’s selected.

With that said, the stats thus far are:

Total materials cost: $10,566.11
Total tools cost: $1,856.42
Supply runs: 42
Hours of Labor: 375.5


The cost of tools is just what I’ve spent since beginning this project, and I started out with a pretty extensive tool collection. That’s not to say that every tool I purchased was absolutely required or that someone else building this house would need to spend as much.

It’s kind of a rub when building a tiny house. Often if someone is building a tiny house for themselves they are in the process of downsizing all of their belongings. So the idea of going out and buying a bunch of tools that will only be used for a few months is surely not that appealing. However, having the right tools for the job is extremely important as they can save a considerable amount of time and frustration. I followed a TH blog where the builder opted not to purchase a miter saw and instead used a circular saw for everything. Since my miter saw was among the top 3 tools I used the most, I can’t imagine making that decision. He didn’t know it, but I would bet that decision added a couple of weeks on to his timeline.

I followed another blogger who built her tiny house using her school workshop. This worked out perfect for her as she had access to a slew of resources including storage for her TH while it was constructed. Unfortunately I don’t think school workshops are an option for many of us.

I think if your building a TH for yourself the best bet would be to barrow and buy the tools you need to do the job right and just plan on selling what you must when your TH is completed. The pain and cost of selling everything would be insignificant compared to the cost of never buying what you need.

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16 thoughts on “The numbers are coming in

  1. Charles said:

    Amen! to having the right tool for the job. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet on this. If you want your project to turnout right you will need the right tool – especially if you are not a high level craftsmen already. I need all the help I can get. Doesn’t mean you have to buy the expensive stuff.

    Dan you have done a great job! Thanks for sharing with the rest us!

  2. Jonathan Landrum said:

    Hi, Dan.

    Great project you have going on.

    Do your materials’ cost include the trailer?


    • Dan Louche said:

      That total does include the cost of the trailer.

      The amount of money I have spent has gone up since this post. When EVERYTHING is all done I will update the total.

  3. I LOVE your houses! I am preparing to build my own tiny house and wondered what your total cost in materials was and also total hours put into your little works of art? Thanks!

    • dlouche said:

      The materials for the latest house cost about $16,000. The houses take about 500 man hours to complete.

      • Shines said:


        Does ‘materials’ include appliances/cabinets/etc. or just the shell?


        • dlouche said:

          It includes everything but the cabinets and appliances (so the trailer, completed exterior, and almost completed interior). I’ll give a revised number once it is complete.

  4. Walter Manley said:

    I really like your designs. I’ve looked at a few different tiny home websites and I think your’s is one of the best. :)

  5. Jonathan Landrum said:

    The house looks great. Do you have a final cost on materials, etc?


    • dlouche said:

      The total ended up being $13,300

  6. Robert Ainsley said:

    How about an update on prices, today july 2014

    • Jenny said:

      Hi Robert,

      Most materials haven’t changed much in price over the years and the costs vary from region to region, so even with updated prices the changes would be minimal and may not be accurate to another region.

      Thank you

  7. Bill said:

    Can I buy one built, Ready to live in?
    Thank You,

    • Jenny said:

      Hi Bill,

      We custom build each order so we have limited models for sale pre-built. Currently we have a 12′ Tinier Living completely finished and our new 20′ Loft-Less is going to be completed entirely very soon. We also have a 20′ shell if you wanted to do the interior yourself.

  8. Rayhan said:

    how much it will cost to build a tiny house in Bangladesh(approximate)? I just loved your tiny houses.Really your designs are awesome.good to have any of those tiny houses.

    Thanks in Advance

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