Big brother

My brother (Darek) drove up from Florida last Friday. It took him almost 10 hours to get here because of a road closure and traffic. Considering I made the same trip in 6 hours a month earlier, that’s pretty bad.

Angry Darek

Here’s how the next four days went down:


  • Moved the shower inside before closing off the last accessible hole (the big window).
  • Installed the last piece of sheathing and tar-paper on the roof. I started out up top with my body harness all hooked scooting my butt across the decking trying to keep my center of gravity as low as possible. Then my brother got up there and ran around like a monkey with a death wish. He’s done this before.
  • Framed out the front compartment for the water heater, electrical hook-up, etc. This compartment wasn’t in the initial Sketchup design but when I built the foundation I conceived it and extended the foundation to accommodate it, but hadn’t done anything with it since. In the process of completing this my brother managed to cut through my brand new saw horse. I swear, you can’t take him anywhere.
    Sloppy Darek
  • Put in the window flashing in all the sills in preparation to install the windows.
  • Started priming the siding in the back yard. This turned out to be a mistake since it was so cold and humid I had to leave it out since it wouldn’t dry. Then, despite the forecast it rained a little and we had to run out and try to cover it up in the dark of night. Unfortunately some of it warped.


  • Installed all the windows. When framing, I made the rough openings the size specified by the manufacturer which should include a little wiggle room for adjustments. But all the windows went in snug. Fortunately my framing turned out to be square.
  • Installed the water heater and most of the plumbing including the shower manifold.


  • Drove up to a metal roofing manufacturer about an hour north to order the roof. I took my laptop with me and was able to show them the 3D Sketchup model. That combined with actual measurements from the home, the owner was able to put together a parts list. I wanted to go with standing seam but that ran about 70% more on cost, so I went with the next best (cheapest) thing. Even they didn’t know exactly how to accomplish the transition in pitch I have on my roof. The first guy I talked to said “we just make it, we don’t install it”. Another guy there though was able to shed a little more light. We’ll see.
  • Pressurized the water system and found/fixed a leak at the water heaters threaded connector. One of the connectors was over-tightened and thus the washer became deformed.


  • Installed a few “nailers”, which are added boards to insure that you always have two boards in a corner (so that you have something to nail the internal siding to).
  • Installed most of the insulation in the roof, which got me thinking about my choice in insulating material (see my last post).
  • Installed the front door.
  • Picked up the roof parts.

It was really fun to work with my brother again. We used to work together when we would help my Dad build houses (10+ years ago). This was a really good way to catch up.

Tiny House Windows Installed

He’ll be back up on the 27th to visit with his family and we plan to get the roof installed then.

Happy Holiday’s/Merry Christmas to everyone and I’ll talk to you in the new year!!

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