Small Delay

My brother had some work he needed to wrap up at home so he didn’t make it up yesterday and is instead driving up today. It just as well since it’s…  (wait for it)  … raining here. And I’m not talking about a spring shower, this is full-blown freeze-your-ass-off downpour. Here’s a picture of my backyard, and no, I don’t live on a lake

Flooded Backyard

Bad Weather Map

Hopefully I’ll have more for you in the coming days other than an Atlanta weather report.

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3 thoughts on “Small Delay

  1. Taylor said:

    Hi Dan,
    Really impressed with your work. I am planning a similar build for myself and my nomadic desires. Is it possible for you to send a detailed cost list and also if you can provided a locked sketchup file.

    Your mom will be happy and proud!!!



    • dlouche said:


      I’m planning on updating the sketchup file will a list of all the little things I would do different. When I’m done with the build (since I don’t have time right now) I plan on releasing it along with a detailed parts and cost list, as well as direction that go along with the 100+ pictures I’ve taken of every step along the way. That should hopefully happen no later than February/March.

      Thanks for you interest and kind words.


  2. Taylor said:

    Sounds great Dan, Have a great Christmas. Keep me informed.


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