Roof progress

I woke up on Tuesday to find everything covered in ice. It had rained on Monday (the day I had originally planned to work) and Heavy rain was forecast for Wednesday, so I wanted to try to get the roof sheathing done. I almost made it. After a full day’s work I had completed everything with only one small section unsheathed.

Giant ice cube

Over the weekend my fiancé’s father gave me a harness to wear while working on the roof. It’s really nice and I really appreciated it. It was a little bit of a pain to use since the cables that secure the harness to the structure are a fixed length and thus required constant repositioning as I moved around. But having that safety net was worth it. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to stand on top of the roof without it. I may look into getting a new cable system for it though.

Support For working on the roof

I was a little unsure of how I was going to get an entire uncut sheet of plywood up 14 feet by myself. I had previously purchased a bunch of C clamps and pulley’s thinking I would make some complicated rig to do the job. But it turned out that just sliding it up an extension ladder was really easy and quick. (Notice in the picture the two temporary pieces of wood that hold the sheet in place after I get it up there.)

Roof sheathing being installed

My fiancé usually picks up our little-one from daycare but she had an appointment so I needed to pick him up that day. I worked right up until I had to leave and picked right back up when she got home at around 6pm. The sun had already set but fortunately my impact driver has a little flashlight on the tip :) After driving a few final screws for the evening I went through the arduous task of putting the tarp in place. This is now more difficult since it must be done entirely from the outside of the house since I can no longer reach up through the rafters.

Tiny House Roof Sheathing

When I took the dogs out this morning I noticed that one of the tarps had already blown off in the overnight monsoon. I didn’t have the time or energy to put it back up. I need to get a heavier duty twine!

Finally, thanks to everyone for their suggestions on the paint color. Especially Michael over at who is the only reason many of you know about my project. I’ll let the final color choice be a surprise.

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  2. Tiny house project looks like it is going really well even though the weather hasn’t really cooperated. Lis, Pro Sales guys at Home Depot want to try that gumbo.

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