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I went to Home Depot this morning to make my first materials order. I had heard that if your order was large enough (at least $2500) you could take it to the ‘Pro’ counter and have them bid on it and get a discount up to 20%. All my previous trips to HD had involved me picking the items off the shelf, but when you have someone else pick the items I was unsure how detailed my list would need to be. After all, you don’t want them picking the wrong thing. The person at the pro counter was very nice and helped my go though my list (including windows and door) and composed an order. He said that sometimes they are able to give you a revised total immediately but other times they needed to wait for someone to review the request, mine was the later. Just as I arrived at work I received a call, my bid was in. I only got about 6% off, just enough to cover the sales tax. Not nearly as spectacular as the sign at the counter that reads “Up To 20% Off” but I guess I’ll take what I can get. He took my payment information over the phone and I expect to pick it up tomorrow. I’m going to make that trailer pay for a little bit of itself by not paying HD $80 for delivery and picking it. Unloading it by myself should be fun. Maybe I can get my son Aiden to help, or maybe not :)

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    • I’m surprised you expected to get a 20% discount at The Home Depot. I worked at the Pro-Desk in The Home Depot in Lincoln, NE and we only gave discounts as part of store-wide specials and/or in conjunction with different vendor discounts. And yes, I worked principally with contractors and builders as well as DIY people such as you. Did you use tempered glass in any of your windows? You look like you’ve done a great job in building your home, Dan. Congratulations.

      • I expected the discount based on reading about others experiences and the experiences of my father (who was a home builder in Florida). The discounts that I did get were not store specials and varied based on the item and/or department (no discount on special order windows but a descent discount on building supplies). I think the most significant discount I got was from the interior slat paneling. It was on the shelf for ~$14 and I paid ~$8 (not too bad).

        While working at the pro desk did you never submit orders for ‘bidding’?

        I did use tempered glass on the windows (which if I recall added maybe $100 per window). I had heard that that was a requirement for road bound vehicles/trailers. I feared being pulled over while the house was in transit and being told that the house wasn’t road worthy. Not that that still couldn’t of happened, but I wanted to reduce the risk.

        Thanks for you comments.


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